PhD : Best Books and MOOCs

This is a working list of the best books and MOOCs I have discovered so far on my PhD journey

General PhD books

Gary Thomas:  How to do your research project.

I am 6 months into my PhD, and I really wish I had read this book on day one, it explains the research process in a structured way.  Gary explains in simple concise language what you need to do.  He writes at a level that is accessible to a new research student, which is such a comfort.


I have completed the following MOOCs

  1. Understanding Research Methods”  Coursera.  This MOOC was excellent. It gives a solid introduction to research methods, and to a newbie like me, it gave me the ability to read textbooks afterwards without having a heart attack.
  2. “Introduction to Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis”  Coursera.   This MOOC is medical focused but it introduces you to the concepts of systematic reviews, selection bias, publication bias, PICO and meta-analysis. If like me you are short on time, then watching  a video that has been filtered to contain the important points makes sense.

  3. Computational Thinking for Educators”. date: 23/05/2017.  I have just started this MOOC. Will update at end
  4. “Code Yourself! An Introduction to Programming”  date 23/05/2017.  I have just started this MOOC, and like above will update at end

Computational Thinking Related BOOKs:

Algorithms to Live By: The Computer Science of Human Decisions by Brian Christian and  Tom Griffiths.

My inner geek loves this book, it takes known computer science algorithms and explains their relevance and application in everyday life. It is a book that makes you think



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