Educational Design-Research

So what is Educational Design-Based Research?

In short, it is defined as a methodology, that focuses on developing 1) a practical solution and 2) theoretical insights into an educational problem in a real-world setting (McKenney and Reeves 2012).

What does this mean? Well, my research is characterised by having two outcomes, a Computational Thinking course and a set of design principles. My study will investigate.

  1. How to design an introductory course that could promote the learning of Computational Thinking and Computer Science using low threshold techniques?
  2. How to support teachers in implementing the course?

The course I will design will be effective, efficient and engaging. This will only be achieved by working with both Irish teachers and students.  My study needs to be both collaborative and iterative.  Educational design research is conducted in collaboration with teachers and students. For my course to be effective, it needs to work for teachers. It needs to suit the Irish Context. I intend to develop two/three evolving prototypes that are adapted and refined based on the needs and feedback from its practitioners i.e. teachers until I have developed a course that works for the Irish context.


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