The following is a working  list of Computational Thinking and Coding MOOCs for school children and their teachers

  1. Code Yourself! An Introduction to Programming  [Available in English and Spanish]

  2. Africa Code Week: Teens Get Coding! [Available in English and French]
  3. Programming in Scratch [Available in English only]

  4. Coding in your Class Room Now.  [Available in Italian Only]
  5. Minecraft, Coding and Teaching  [Available in English Only]
  6. The Power and elegance of Computational Thinking [Available in English Only]
  7. Logic and Computational Thinking  [Available in English Only]

  8. Teaching Computing (Enhance your practice and subject knowledge as a primary or secondary school teacher of Computing)  %5BAvailable in English Only]


The following is a list of MOOCs for helping to create a MOOC:

  1. Blended Learning: Personalizing Education for Students .

  2. Making MOOCs on a budget.

Online resources:

  1. Teaching Scratch: